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Now Watch Your Favourite Shows Online

When I moved to London I had very limited access to television.  Armed with my laptop I turned to the web with varying degrees of success. I tried to watch shows from websites in Canada and the US but always got that annoying ‘This content not currently available in your country’ message.

I eventually stumbled upon blogs that posted shows I missed from home.  Sometimes I was starved to hear a North American accent and familiar shows from home helped.  While the websites were a good find, many times shows would be taken down due to copyright.  I’ve found a decent one that I mostly use now but even then they sometimes post episodes very late after it has originally aired.  Even though I have found many British shows over the years that I enjoy, I still like to catch favourites from home.

Now I have found the perfect solution, or rather it has found me.  Recently I was contacted by UnoTelly, a Canadian based company offering a new product called UnoDNS.   UnoTelly offers a DNS-based system to allow people who live outside the USA and Canada to watch Netflix and Hulu. UK expats on the other hand can enjoy British channels they miss – BBC iPlayer, 4oD, iTV, Channel 5.

How does it work?

UnoTelly DirectDNS, like its name implies, utilizes properitory DirectDNS technology to give you access to blocked websites. Unlike VPN or Proxy, UnoTelly DirectDNS only shields the relevant traffic so you can access blocked websites.  It is also compatible on all devices including Computer, Smartphone, TV, Xbox 360, PS3, Roku and many more.  UnoDNS offers a flat-rate with unlimited streaming. There is no bandwidth cap so you can stream as much as you want.

How much does it cost?

You can try UnoTelly for free on a 8 day Gold Trial.  Which gives you access to all the services offered.  After trial there are 3 pricing options.  A free but limited account, a premium account for $4.95/month and Gold for $7.95/month.  UnoTelly is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay according to the billing schedule you chose.

Is it any good?

Yes!  I was a little skeptical since I already use a few free blogs to access shows I can’t live without (Daily Show anyone?).  UnoDNS was easy to install and streaming is very fast.  The videos are also much better quality as many are in HD.  As an expat this is a great find and I definitely recommend trying the service out.

As an incentive for readers who would like to try out the service UnoTelly is offering 5 4 3 2 1 readers of this blog a 25% discount which can be applied to any of their products.  If you are interested then send me an email at witnesstobritness{@}hotmail.co.uk for the discount code.

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Disclosure:  I was contacted and asked to review this product for my blog.  A positive endorsement was not required and all opinions stated are my own after personally testing the product.

** Update:  All the codes are gone!!  Thanks to the new readers (and old of course).


7 thoughts on “Now Watch Your Favourite Shows Online

  1. Glad you found something. Babe and I refuse to get cable because we only like a couple of shows. Downton Abbey (not even on now), Modern Family, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, Scandal. And three of those, we just found. We download them, but when we want to watch something right away, and it’s blocked outside of the US, we turn on the HotShield. I downloaded it a while ago to allow me to make purchases on BN from my nook. It blocked the IP address, so we can use US only site. Good to know about that thing you found though. I may need it if we move to London.

    • Yes it’s so annoying! Why don’t they just make content available outside of the country? I don’t get it, it is online and free so just extend that to people around the world. Ooo London is on your radar as a possible place, cool.

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