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A taste of Prague

Wenceslas Monument in Wenceslas Square

Last year when I decided to do a solo trip it was a toss up between Rome and Prague.  Rome won but Prague lingered on my mind.  I knew I still wanted to go but was unsure of when.  Then a last minute decision in May changed my travel plans.  Currently I have a friend from Canada visiting, Jen, if you remember she came to visit me in 2010.  She decided that she would visit again.

During that visit we went to Berlin.  We had a few destinations in mind this time around but we decided on Prague and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

I read that Prague was a beautiful city but I was unprepared for just how stunning it would be.  It really is a living museum; with monuments, buildings, and squares around every corner dedicated to something historically significant.

This is just a sneak peek of the beauty that is Prague.  Today Jen, D, and I are heading to Brighton for a day trip.  More details of the trip soon.


10 thoughts on “A taste of Prague

  1. It looks beautiful and your photos look just lovely! Looks like you had fabulous weather!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.

    • Really difficult to choose but I guess the thing I enjoyed doing the most was the walking tour. So much history and a lot of it fairly recent. Learning about the Velvet revolution and sitting in Wenceslas Square was pretty amazing. The ‘castle’ gardens were also gorgeous.

  2. I love Prague. I visited years ago, before it got popular. I haven’t been tempted back because I hear it has gotten touristy. Are the crowds manageable, or is it not crowded at all?

    Fab photos!

    • It’s sort of weird, I know that it had been gaining popularity in recent years but I didn’t know that it was a huge destination for stag/hen do parties. I suppose the cheap beer and clubbing is the draw. It wasn’t too bad since we went from Tuesday-Friday. Also, while there were tons of ppl around the main tourist attractions it was easy to get away from that. So in terms of level of annoyance by others frequenting the place, I’d put it around a 3-4.

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