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Happy Canada Day

Happy 145th birthday Canada!

Every year on the 1st of July Canada Day is celebrated in Trafalgar Square.  This expat gathering of Canadians is the largest outside of Canada.  I do love my adopted country but I have to say moving abroad has made me even more proud to be Canadian.

Canada is no utopia, no country is, but it is pretty damn near close in my eyes.  Friends and fellow expats know that I always debate whether I will stay in the UK or go back home.  Home however didn’t feel like it when I was last there.  It had been almost 2 years since seeing everyone (besides my mum who visited last summer) and I just felt discombobulated. Like I had returned to a life that had far moved on but at the same time was comfortable.  I may be in that weird expat place where you feel like you need to keep moving, keep going until you find a ‘fit’.

Well I know London is not it.  Discovering where I suppose is the next step.

London, as great as it is, has its limits and annoyances.  Ones that I’m pretty sure I don’t want to deal with on a long term basis.  But I’m still content living here now and will be in London for a while yet.  So while my mind is already thinking about and anticipating the next location I still enjoy my London life.


15 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

    • Us Canadians get pretty patriotic on Canada Day considering we are pretty laid back otherwise. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself then? How long are you travelling Canada for?

  1. Happy Canada Day! Hope you had a wonderful day. How does it feel to celebrate it here, at the other end of the Pond? Trafalgar Sq was still closed at night, when people when there to celebrate football victory.

    • I actually didn’t spend much time in the square. I met friends there, we left for lunch for a few hours then returned. I enjoyed it much more when I went for the first time 2 years ago. This time the energy seemed low, or maybe I am projecting. We left early to veg out at home. Overall though it does generally make me miss home.

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  3. I spent Canada Day driving around slightly intoxicated on a motorized cooler up my hometown (Northern Alberta). WIN!!

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