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The Romantic Side of Prague

Ask anyone what the most romantic city in the world is and they will probably answer with Paris.

After visiting Paris 2 times now I still don’t understand why this is the case.  I recognise that by the time I stepped foot in the city I had it in my head that it was overrated and that I would not like it.  I was indifferent the first visit, but on the second I started to get drawn in.  I still however don’t see why it is meant to be so romantic.

Prague on the other hand instantly had a sense of romance about it – and it wasn’t just the hundreds of couples making out everywhere. Maybe it was the architecture, or the cobbled streets or the small intimate restaurants dotted around the city.  Yes I know, these elements aren’t unique to Prague but the feeling of romance was palpable.

On our last full day we perused Prague Castle.  There we witnessed no fewer than 5 brides and their grooms taking pictures in the gorgeous surroundings.  I would have never thought of Prague as this romantic city but after visiting I can see it being a great destination for a wedding or honeymoon.

Ultimately any city is romantic if you are with the right company.  Even London with all its grittiness has some really beautiful and romantic spots.  You may still think Paris is tops, but go to Prague and then revisit that idea.


17 thoughts on “The Romantic Side of Prague

    • Thank you. You should go back, our flights were only £65 return. However it was really hot and humid. Which was fine as at night it was comfortable so no complaints.

  1. If you get the chance to go in winter it really does look like a fairy tale. Maybe not suitable for weddings, but romantic all the same.

    • My guide book kept boasting that it was magical in the winter. I may have to try it out then, although I’d want to go to Germany for the Christmas markets, unless they do that as well?

  2. I’ve wanted to go to Prague ever since I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being and found a love for Milan Kundera. I’m thinking of spending my 40th birthday there next year and your post has totally influenced that! Gorgeous photos!

  3. Hello – what wonderful pics of Prague do I see, I surely agree, just like a bee, flying by very high. The czech capital is a real pearl, for each girl -and each boy, even when he’s named Roy.
    Keep on wandering our world, makeing pics, tell no tricks and be greeted from the

    madpicsmaster 😉

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