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London’s First Cable Car Opens

On the 28th of June the Emirates air line cable car opened.  Construction took just under a year to complete, right in time for the Olympics.

The cable car is supposed to assist in the regeneration of the area, but it is also meant to be a sight itself.  More than 50% of the funding for this £60 million pound project was invested by Air Emirates over a 10 year long sponsorship deal.  I am assuming the revenue brought in by using it will cover the rest.

This weekend I got up to a lot.  While summer weather is stalling summer activities are in full swing.  I was in East London to go to a festival, which I will post about separately.  Since we were already there the decision was made to ride the cable car, because well why not.

As we went on Saturday (the third day of operation) there was some confusion about ticket prices.  Basically you can use your oyster card on this and you may or may not get a discount.  It costs £4.30 buying a ticket.

The line travels between North Greenwich and Royal Victoria stations.  The ride itself is pretty quick, probably 5-8 or so minutes but it was pretty cool.  The only other cable car I’ve been on was in Japan.  For an urban cable car they have done a good job, go if you have a chance.


14 thoughts on “London’s First Cable Car Opens

  1. So basically what we learned, readers (becuase I was with Melissa on the cable car), is that you can skip the ticket line if you have an oyster card with more than £3.20 on it (which is the discounted price for an Oyster user). You just tap in like you would on any TFL gate. And yes, go on it. You could go to Royal Victoria for dinner using your tastecard!

    • Did London get some sun today??? We were in Kent, went to Broadstairs and it was actually sunny and lovely. But yes, London is in need of sun and summer weather to start now.

        • Oh right, I always forget. Well did your area get some sun? We walked by the house but as we only had 25 minutes before it closed it will have to wait for another day. Broadstairs was soooo good! Loved it!

          • Yes, it was fair which is good. It is St Swithin’s Day!

            St. Swithin’s day if thou dost rain
            For forty days it will remain
            St. Swithin’s day if thou be fair
            For forty days ’twill rain nae mair.

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