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Pleasure Gardens – What is Old is New Again

  Last weekend an age old tradition was revived: the London Pleasure Garden.

A Pleasure Garden is usually a garden that is open to the public for recreation purposes. Historically they differed from other public gardens in that they served as venues for entertainment, featuring concert halls or bandstands, rides, zoos, and menageries.

The festival D, Jen, and I went to is apparently just the beginning.  While that was just a two day event  there will be various activities and shows throughout the summer at this pleasure garden in east London.


I have to say the idea of it was very nice.  There was music, food, drink, and carnival/fair type attractions.  However the lack of grass was bad.  It meant mini dust storms every time the wind blew and as a contact wearer getting anything in your eyes feels magnified.

Adding grass would have also given people the option of sitting anywhere and not having to ration the few tables and chairs available.  It was still partially under construction so who knows, maybe they will address that eventually.  It was a cool outdoor space so I would return if an event piqued my interest.

Get there: DLR station – Pontoon Dock


8 thoughts on “Pleasure Gardens – What is Old is New Again

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  2. I have a strange fascination with pleasure gardens. I think it was reading about the history of them, then seeing that fantastic display at the Museum of London with 1700s hair and dresses. Then again, I walked by the former pleasure gardens in Vauxhall after some rather unpleasurable episodes way back in the day but it’s all good – apparently it’s a raging gay club there now! full circle back to pleasure!

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