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London has Olympic Fever

Alright, I put my hands up.  I am a little bit excited about the Olympics.  Just a little.  I still hold to my previous rants about these games.  However, the past 5 days I’ve been all over central London only to be bombarded by the city in all its Olympic glory.

It is a great year for the Brits but also for me apparently.  I just finished hosting a good friend from university (Lindsay) who spent Friday-Monday in London.  She is the 4th of friends from home that I’ve seen this year, and the 3rd that has taken up temporary residence in our spare room.

We leave for Canada in a few weeks and after we return I have another good friend I worked with making her way to Italy then England for a week with her husband.  We finish off the visits closer to the end of the year.  In October we will be hosting Shawn (and his partner – Hey Adam!), another university friend.  He is the one who encouraged me to start this blog and he is the one who hosted me when I went to Japan.

After dropping Lindsay at the airport Monday I met up with a local friend and did a bit of walking around central but the main reason for getting together was to see the torch.  It was passing by right outside our flat.  Once gathered a few steps from my front door there was a lot of anticipation and false screams/yells but when it finally passed it was pretty amazing to see.

So while I am not fully converted to supporting the games and I am nowhere near having Olympic fever I am a little less cynical about them and a little more excited to see it unfold.


6 thoughts on “London has Olympic Fever

  1. I didn’t know you weren’t big on the games. I couldn’t really care much less about ’em. *shrugs*
    Cool that you’re seeing friends and playing host these days.
    You’ve been to Japan? JEALOUSSSSS! And you’re going to Canada? Double jealousss! Where in Canada?

    • I’m not against the games themselves or even what they stand for. However how they are played out in reality is something I am against. This is the nature of running a world event. The corporations take hold, the locals are always forgotten even when they say that they will be thought of. Huge travel disruptions. In a city like London where it is a huge tourist spot anyways add a million more at one time and it will be chaos. We will get through it but the way in which things have been managed has left a bitter taste in a lot of people’s mouths, mine included. Yes Japan in 2007. Canada shortly, will be going to Toronto and surrounding cities/suburbs. Also hitting up Niagara Falls again. Your spirit will be with me! I hope to blog when home but my older brother is getting married so the first week will be hectic.

  2. I flew through Heathrow a couple of days ago and it was actually fairly smooth. The Olympic store was flooded with people stocking up on memorabilia. I’m looking forward to see what they have on the opening ceremonies.

    (By the way, I still don’t get those stupid mascots?!)

    • Glad to hear that it was relatively smooth through Heathrow. I hope the same happens when it is my turn. I wanted to get something Olympic related for a friend but all of it is a bit crap. I might just get something with a union jack on it. I am also looking forward to the opening ceremonies. My boss said he had a friend who went to a rehearsal of them earlier this week. However those people have been sworn to secrecy to not spoil it for the rest of us. Starts at 9:00 pm our time. Also yes, those mascots are still weird but they are a bit cooler dressed up in different garb. I like the yellow one.

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