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Ready, Set…Here We Go

It is 8:46 pm and the rain has settled in.  This is London, about to open the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in roughly 14 minutes.

We (well I) bitched about it and moaned and now we must just keep calm and carry on as it all unfolds.  As much as I disagree with a lot of how things have been managed from the ticket sales, to the security issues, and the travel disruptions there is nothing left to do but wait, watch, and judge.

Oh and I shall judge.  I remember back to 2010.   The winter games were on in Vancouver and the British media was being very harsh about Canada.  I’m not a vengeful or bitter person but I don’t forget easily.  Now their time has come to be in the hot seat.  I blogged about the British media saying that due to the Canadians throwing away our ‘nice’ and friendly attitude and our overriding thirst for gold we allowed an athlete to die.

That was a blatantly untrue and disgusting thing to say.  I won’t be as harsh but I will flag up when things go wrong during these games.  I haven’t decided how much I will blog about the games  but if I think there is something going on that has been reported one way I will give you my take on it from the ground.  One of my co-workers has the stadium in his back garden, just a 10 minute walk away.  So I will also chime in with his perspective from time to time.

While the ceremony officially opens the games, there have already been events happening from Wednesday.  Besides that this week a Greek athlete was sent home for racist tweets, two Moroccan athletes were sent home due to doping, and Chanel 4 had to apologize for saying team ‘England’ rather than GB on the evening new yesterday.  So a colourful start shall we say.

For these games I hope they pass with no major incidents, people have fun, and if either team GB, Canada, or Jamaica take home gold I’ll be happy.  Enjoy if you are watching.

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8 thoughts on “Ready, Set…Here We Go

  1. Oh wow, that is a super harsh criticism of Canada from the Brits. All Olympic athletes are pushed to the edge.

    I cannot believe you are so close to the games! That’s so exciting, I’m watching the opening ceremonies now!

    • Yes it was harsh, and not just that it was untrue. Many factors contributed to him dying most of all it being a highly dangerous sport. I have to say I was very cynical about it all (still am) butI do recognise how much other people would like to be here so I am taking it all in. I just hope everything goes as smooth as possible with no major incidents. What did you think of the opening ceremonies?

      • Didn’t know that British media said that. How rude (and somewhat typical). 😐

        This will be very interesting in all aspects. My friend’s daughter is working the Olympics, so I’ll be asking her about her thoughts too.

  2. Hi,

    long time reader, first time commenter.

    I really hope you do blog about the Olympics as my boyfriend and I just moved back from London to Canada on Wednesday. We’re glad that we got out of the chaos when we could but we miss London terribly and are still a little sad that we can’t be there for the Olympics hoopla. It’ll be nice to have an honest Canadian perspective of the games. Plus, this is the type of coverage that we get on CTV: “There’s Kobe Bryant again!” while the camera follows LeBron for a good 30 seconds or so.


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