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London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Good job Danny Boyle, you put together an interesting, at times cheesy, but very lovely British opening ceremony.

I asked my Englishman if he was proud of his country.  He replied ‘yes, a little bit’.  This is as good as it gets!  That folks is genuine excitement from a British person.  We watched it together and while I was going to put away the computer I ended up chatting to Jen at home, seen here high fiving wenlock, or is it mandeville.  I also tweeted during it, which is weird for me as I don’t see the point of twitter but there is a first for everything.  You heard it first folks I am giving my official stamp of approval, this was a great show.  The Brits should be proud.

As it happened, my highlights:

  • The beginning started off really well.  The country side is gorgeous in this country and it should be showcased.  I thought however that it did nothing to dispel myths about the British as I could hear myself saying ‘please sir, can I have some more’ in reference to the Victorian costumes.
  • Mr Bean performed the chariots of fire theme song.  Love me some Mr. Bean
  • The performance quickly descended into a huge flash mob dance, I thought those weren’t popular anymore.  Oh well, rave on!  I also realised how much British music I listen to and enjoy.
  • Not a Harry Potter fan but that whole sequence was so cute with the kids.
  • I wish that when they played Amy Winehouse’s song it was on for a little bit longer.  RIP, it has been a year Monday since she passed away.
  • Even though the countries parading out was long and drawn out it was fun to see the happy excited faces of all the athletes.  I am cheering for team GB of course, Canada, and Jamaica.  If you noticed Canada and Jamaica got the biggest receptions after GB.
  • When team Canada came out my heart swelled a bit with pride.  The commenter told a little story about a trip to Montreal and finished it off my saying he has a soft spot for Canadians.
  • Usain Bolt, nuff said.
  • Team GB!!  What was up with those outfits.  Also, Queenie looked so bored when they panned to her as they were coming out.  She as looking down at her nails picking them, then looked up and you could see the look on her face said is this over yet?
  • Team Germany, I think we can tell who are the girls and who are the boys without you putting them in pink and blue.
  • LOVED the Czechs!  Wearing wellies and having brollies, a cute poke at our weather.
  • Of course this was always going to end with a Beatles’ song.  Hey Jude capped it off nicely.   I remember when I learned how to play it on piano so that song is near to my heart.

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9 thoughts on “London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

  1. I heard about the Czechs in their English garb and I was so sad I missed it because CTV lingered on Canada until the D’s. Like you, I was in Prague recently and I fell in love with the country. I don’t know what that has to do with wanting to see a bunch of Eastern Europeans parade out in a stadium wearing wellies but it does.

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  3. My favorite part was with Mr. Bean. It made me howl with laughter. Enjoyed the full production, to be honest. Watching it with other people was a bonus.

    There’s a special place in my heart for Team Panama, Team Barbados, Team Antigua & Barbuda, & Team U.S. (begrudgingly… but still). I actually like all of the countries except one, for its outright human rights violations. (Yes, all or most countries have committed violations, but the one that I don’t like is unabashed & unashamed.)

  4. I thought they did a pretty good job as well – yes, at times a bit cheesy but good nonetheless!

    (I loved the Czechs too and of course, the Canadians… but what the hell were they wearing?! Someone must have been able to come up with something better than old man khakis and hoodies?)

    • Ha! Old man khakis, best way to describe that fashion mess. Hey we are friendly, not fashionable. I agree they should have been much more smartly dressed. It was like they were dressed to do a grade 3 gym class.

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