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The Flame is Out But Not Forgotten

Last night the Paralympics were closed by what was essentially a Coldplay concert.  Perfect for fans.  I don’t fall in that category so I didn’t end up watching much.

I, as well as many friends, and I’m sure many more Londoners were converted on their feelings about these games.  I’m sure in a few days (if that) articles will be written about the cost of it all, where things went wrong, and generally the mood will slip back into the usual.  A bit miserable and cynical.

But before we get there, let me show you some highlights of the games and of this amazing summer where Londoners were a little bit happier, kinder, and very much openly proud of their country.

The motto of the games has been to ‘Inspire a Generation’.  I thought it was a bit cheesy before but after seeing the amazing athletic ability by Olympic and Paralympic athletes I completely understand the sentiment.  I’ve heard a few stories already of people who have been inspired to take up a new sport or who have gotten even more serious about the sports they are involved in.


2 thoughts on “The Flame is Out But Not Forgotten

    • David and I were talking about this the other day that we’d love to do archery. I did it at sleep away camp and in high school. David has done it as well. We looked it up and it is expensive but there was a groupon deal that came up. I’ll have a look and let you know.

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