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St. James’s Park in Autumn

There is no better place to stroll around in London during the season than a park.  Londoners cherish their green spaces partly as respite from the constant movement of the city and partly, like me, because many do not have their own garden.

Last week I hosted 2 more Canadians and I took them on a self guided walking tour. We started in Green Park and ended in Parliament Square taking in iconic sites that so many visitors flock to; Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Big Ben, and West Minster Abbey.

Not to be missed however is a walk through this park.  It made my list as one of my favourites in the city when I did my Love London series last summer, you can see that post here.  Being a royal park situated so closely by Buckingham Palace it is used as the backdrop in ceremonial events like Trooping the Colour.  It is also the oldest royal park in London.

On our leisurely stroll we were confronted with pelicans, three of them.  I’ve been to this park many times over the years and always seem to miss them.  The park’s website gives more information:

There are currently three pelicans in the park:

  • 2 Eastern (or Great) White Pelicans
  • 1 South American White Pelican which is distinguished by different colouring and a crest on its bill.

They’re gregarious, social creatures and there are numerous stories of their entertaining antics.  They were definitely comfortable with the large crowd surrounding them and snapping countless pictures.

At the furthest end of the park from Buckingham Palace is Horse Guard Parade, one of the sites of Olympic volleyball.  While not apart of the park this site is also used during the Trooping of the Colour and where I spotted this lovely autumnal foliage.

So if you haven’t been through St James’s park on a visit to London or it you live here and you haven’t been recently then go now.  It is compact and can all be viewed in a relatively short time.  There is also a cafe if you need to stop for refreshments.  And of course the pelicans.


10 thoughts on “St. James’s Park in Autumn

    • It is fast becoming my favourite park! I never really took notice how much I visited until I realised that I always take people through here when I tour guests around central. I was so happy to see the pelicans this time, they are definitely the best part.

  1. I love Pelicans. These ones must have cliipped wings? I remember them flocking across the skies in Mexico – they looked like miniature teradactyls.

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