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Travel Moments: My Seven Super Shots

A few months back Jen at She Went Away invited me to participate in a blogger challenge entitled my seven super shots.  I loved the idea but it has taken me ages to get around to the task.  Now that I am actually going to do something with my photos (besides blogging with them) I figured it was a good time to pour over the countless shots I’ve collected on my travel over the years.

It was incredibly hard to choose just one image for some categories but I had to discard my natural tendency to over think and just chose photos which elicited the most feelings for me.

Here we go, challenge accepted

A photo that…takes my breath away:

St Ives - Cornwall

St Ives, Cornwall.  When David’s parents invited us to holiday with them for a week last year I knew little to nothing about Cornwall except that he had been born there.  David then showed me pictures online and I couldn’t believe this was the UK.  This shot was taken on a very slow cliffwalk as I kept stopping to take in the gorgeous scenery.

A photo that…makes me laugh or smile:

Geisha - Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan My friend Shawn and I had just packed up our belongings to head to our next guest house and for some reason I had put away my camera.  As we were walking we spotted two Geishas walking our way.  I quickly dug out my camera and snapped this shot.  I was so happy that I was able to catch her  that I spun around to show Shawn the picture and narrowly missed hitting her with an umbrella sticking out of my bag, tourists eh?
A photo that…makes me dream:

Ramesses II - British Museum

British Museum – London, England The earliest memory I have of wanting to travel was in grade 4 when our class did a unit on Egypt.  I was 8 and knew I wanted to see the pyramids some day.  The exhibit at the British museum is one of the best in the world (outside of Egypt of course) and this piece, Ramesses II, in particular is my favourite.
A photo that…makes me think:

Slave Exit? Senegal

Goree Island, Senegal Goree Island was a main port in the slave trade.  If you visit the only remaining slave house on the island you can see the door of no return.  Named this because as people left it was certain that it was the last they saw of their home.  Walking along the island I came across these stairs and I wonder what might have taken place here.  Are these the ruins to another exit point for a ship?

A photo that…makes my mouth water:

Duck Confit - Paris

Duck Confit Paris, France On my first trip to Paris last year David and I committed a cardinal travel sin, we ate at a restaurant close to a main station.  Generally such restaurants never have to try hard to be good, they know they will get customers simply because they are close to a travel hub.  Fortunately my food was fantastic, David’s however was not.
A photo that…tells a story:

Kariya Park - Mississauga

Mississauga, ON Canada On my most recent trip home I discovered something new.  But it wasn’t new…this park had been in the city since 1992, I had just never paid attention.  The buildings to the right are basically a part of the city centre, ones I’ve passed countless times.  This trip home made me realise that as much as I wanted to get as far away from Mississauga as I could it was actually a great place to grow up.  Also that it offered much more than I ever gave it credit for.

A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot)

Senegal 2008 364

Outside of Dakar, Senegal  At a village visit I met a group of women who were holding their community together.  They were doing it all, taking care of the kids and doing back breaking work.  The mum here let me hold her son to give herself a minute respite but he wasn’t having any of it and cried.  I handed him back and she tucked him in this sling on her back and in seconds he was quiet.

What are some of your favourite travel shots?   

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