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Finding Beauty at Salisbury Cathedral

In October last year while hosting the last of my friends from home I suggested a day trip so they could get a feel of what it is like outside of London.  The plan – drive out to Stonehenge then on to Bath.

We had the best of intentions but our plan was doomed from the start.  Our problem started with failing to reserve our hire car early enough.  Which meant we got on the road late and thus made it to Stonehenge late, 4:00 pm on the dot, just as the gates closed.  Rather than drive further out to Bath we back tracked and went to explore Salisbury.

Salisbury Cathedral - full

After the disappointment of not getting in to have a closer look at Stonehenge and listen to the audio tour the sight of the Cathedral almost made up for it all.

Salisbury Cathedral - Inside

The setting sun provided for gorgeous colouring of the church captured below, beautifully displaying the details.

Salistbury Cathedral - cloisters

Salisbury Cathedral - 1791

Salistbury Cathedral - cloisters 2

Salistbury Cathedral - Up close

Entrance is free but if you want to delve deeper there are tours available.  They even own one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta which unfortunately we did not see as the section housing it was closed.  An excuse to return.


20 thoughts on “Finding Beauty at Salisbury Cathedral

    • Agreed, and it was even better to have it basically all to ourselves to enjoy. I don’t know the significance associated with that specific date (I’ve looked and nothing came up) but restoration took place between 1788-1791.

  1. It looks beautiful and the photos you’ve taken are lovely. I particularly like the angle of the stone carvings resting on the ground. I do still think that the cathedrals are starting to look like one another………. beautiful, but do they have the same architects?

    • Thanks Jen! I guess there are just general characteristics for cathedrals, cloisters, spire etc. I’m sure there are some which have the same architects but probably just the look of the time.

  2. Wow, these photos are just beautiful and the lighting in the second last photo is sublime! I haven’t been to Salisbury Cathedral yet but your photos make me want to go. Maybe we should arrange to drive out there in March? Can you do it in a day?

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