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Discover Hyper Japan Culture in London

One of the great things about London is the ease in which you can find a little piece of the world right here.  It is one of the main reasons the city feels like a mini country all on its own where food, culture, and clothes from further afield are never in short supply.

Last November I was able to get a press pass to Hyper Japan – the biggest Japanese culture festival in the UK.  I attended with Kat from Lady loves Cake.  As we have both previously travelled to Japan the festival allowed us to soak up some Japanese culture on our doorstep, reminisce and trade travel stories and experiences.

While Hyper Japan is the largest Japanese festival in the UK it is still relatively new, only starting in 2010.  It continues to grow every year and now Hyper Japan is gearing up for its Summer Festival.  It is a great day out for anyone interested in traveling to Japan, those who have been or anyone who wants to discover something new.

Here are some of the highlights from the festival:

Manga overload


This part of Japanese culture has never really interested me personally but many fan boys and girls will be delighted to know that you can source the latest series/book/magazine of your favourite manga at the festival.  There was a dedicated booth in the form of book shop.

Beauty gadgets 

Beauty Products

The beauty industry in Japan is huge.  This exhibitor sourced some more interesting products to show case.  Is it necessary to have a tool to show you where you should apply bush? Of course not, but would it make it more fun?  Damn right it would.

Food, Candy, and Green Tea Kit Kats


There were many amazing looking food stalls serving delicious smelling food but the impressive stalls were the ones that carried items I’d last seen in Japan.  The candy in the middle of the picture above is yummy, if you see it buy it and try.  The Japan Centre (near piccadilly circus) was the source of these treats you see above.

Fashion and jewellery 

Earrings - Hyper Japan

I loved these earrings and I also saw some lovely kimonos.  There was a fashion show but it really only showcased one side of Japanese culture, the Harujuku type girl.  While fun to watch I think I would have appreciated a street style fashion show.



I assume the majority of those who came in full costume were there to enter the cosplay competition.  It was fun to see everyone get into it.  Even other press people dressed up.

The festival has something for everyone with many activities for kids as well.  There were many gift stalls, technology stalls and even a stall where you could partake in a tea ceremony.

Hyper Japan

Interested?  If you want to attend your next chance is this July.  Tickets are not on sale yet but check back on Hyper Japan’s page to get more information.  Last year tickets cost £12.


6 thoughts on “Discover Hyper Japan Culture in London

    • You should definitely check it out in the summer then. Did your friends say what was lacking? It is still relatively new so I would assume if anything it would be improving. I did see the Lolita style actually, there were a few dressed up like this. Not as provocative as the name might suggest, more cutesy than anything.

  1. It looks like a lot of fun!! I think I would have liked the kimonos and traditional clothing the most. Not too sure about green tea kit kats though.

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