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Decided & Settled

After all this wait I finally got a decision last week…I am staying!  So now with residence permit in hand and my passport I have no more immigration woes.


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To celebrate D and I are planning a short break to the continent soon.  We’re gonna go to Brussels!  So if you have been and you have recommendations they are more than welcome.  Also thanks to everyone for the well wishes on a speedy result.


18 thoughts on “Decided & Settled

  1. Thanks everyone

    @Alee – it was fast seeing how long they typically take to process.

    @Oneika – can’t wait to catch up, I want tips about Brussels when we meet up.

    @ Vanessa – thanks bud, I can come home in the summer now

    @ Jen – thanks!!! Guernsey trip in the near future.

  2. Yay! I was just about to comment on your previous post and then realised you’d updated. That is such good news but I know how you feel. Stephen and I did not leave UK in 2011 and it was brutal!!! I hadn’t realised it was possible to get cabin fever on an island this big before we were stuck for a year.

    • Thanks Mandy. It is just deeply unsettling to not know your immigration status and then be ‘grounded’ while it is decided for so long and yes cabin fever for sure set in. Glad the wait is over!

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