London Drawing Theatre: Art in Motion

It has been a month since I’ve updated the blog and dear readers this is not due to lack of material but primarily due to hitting a writing/blogging block.  I have lots to say but for some reason every time I sit down to write words do not come.  I think my mind is still in slight hibernation mode even though the cold weather appears to have loosened its grip on the city.

The flow is coming back and my inspiration to be more creative generally was helped recently when I participated in what can only be described as the most interesting mash-up of art, performance, theatre, and drama.  A few weeks ago Jen and I were invited to attend one of London Drawing‘s Drawing Theatre Events.  Now, having never been to a live drawing class I didn’t know what to expect, especially one where there was also an element of performance.

The Priest - London Drawing

The class showcased the work of Le Fil (Phillip Li) a prolific artist whose past projects include pieces for Lady Gaga, Dazed & Confused, The Irrepressibles, English National Ballet, Wallpaper and Maria Lau. Le Fil, known for his unique futuristic vision and modern interpretations of craft, fuses art, fashion, music, performance and sculpture to build a high octaine visual experience of sensuality, theatre and beauty.

With that description I was interested to see the day unfold.  After a run down of the pace of the day from the organisers Anne and David the class was told to head outside to the front of the church for the performance to begin.  When we went outside we were confronted by ‘the priest’ you see below in black.  We then entered the church to begin.

The Church

The venue, St John’s Church Water, was perfect for this class.  The interaction of the performance and the church put across dynamic and inspiring images for the class to sketch.  While there was a performance going on the subjects would hold certain poses for a period of time (20-30 mins) enabling the class to capture the scene/individual.

While I enjoyed the class I have to be honest, it was also frustrating…but in the best way possible.  I used to draw a lot in my school days and I used to be quite good.  I haven’t drawn in many years and while I found the images inspiring I found it difficult to translate what I saw visually into a piece I really liked.

People around me were creating stunning work but I never felt out of place though.  The organisers warned of this very thing at the beginning of the day and encouraged all participants to create anything, even it was a poem.  We were encouraged to play around with texture, volume and colour.  So while I didn’t end up with amazing work I did end up with motivation to create.

The Art

The class was a good challenge for beginners and engaging for the seasoned pro.  Now I want, no need to attend some of the instructional classes and work on my drawing again.

*Jen and I were invited as guests but there was no obligation to blog about or promote the class.

Find London Drawing on:

Facebook and Twitter.  Check out their Flickr for pictures taken of the class.

Find Le Fil on:

Facebook and Twitter and the Blogosphere

If you live in London and want to try out a theatre class for yourself:

The Drawing Theatre- At Shoreditch Town Hall

Saturday 15 June 2013
£45 all basic materials included

Suitable for all levels of ability

Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street


11 thoughts on “London Drawing Theatre: Art in Motion

    • You have to choose the gallery option. Yes we do need to meet up, and I really want to see Gatsby even though the reviews aren’t great. Send me a msg on fb, with days and which cinema. I’m free next week except Monday.

  1. I’m away on that Saturday but I’d love to attend a beginners drawing class one day. It sounds like fun! I like that one though – with live models and encouragement and inspiration.

  2. I had writer’s block a few months ago but slowly and surely, I came around.

    I was once a model for a drawing class (they reached out because of my dance background.) I don’t remember much about the evening (I was young) but I do remember being fascinated by what they had drawn afterwards.

    • Winter usually proves to be a down time for me but took a bit longer to get back the motivation to blog. It is coming around for me too. That would have been a cool experience to be a model for the class. One of the models (last picture in the headdress) seemed uneasy with the whole thing.

  3. I’m finally getting to this post – maybe good timing on my part in prep for their workshop next weekend. I’d be interested to read about more traditional classes you take with them.

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