Exploring Kent: Chilham & Kings Wood

One of the great things about having your other half hail from the country you are an expat in is learning, visiting and doing things that you may not have other wise.

On the Creek - Faversham

I spend a lot of time in Kent as D’s parents live there.  Because of them I am slowly making my way around to every town/city/village of interest in the area.  On Saturday we stayed local and enjoyed the Nautical Festival in Faversham.  The main aim was to raise awareness of Faversham’s nautical heritage though with mostly locals attending I think it was mainly an excuse to eat drink and be merry.

D’s parents love to explore and travel as much as I do so they are always suggesting new (to me) places to go.  On Sunday after a stop in Canterbury we ventured out to King’s Wood.  A wrong turn put us in the direction of the village of Chilham and so we went so I could see it.

Chilham - Tea House

Chilham is a cute little village, population 1,595, that has been the location to many films and television dramas.  It is easy to see why.

St Mary's Church - Chilham


Chilam also boasts a castle but it was closed so we wandered around the church grounds.  After a short but nice visit we carried on to our primary destination Kings Wood.

Kings Wood is a 1500-acre forest.  It is one of Kent’s largest woodlands and is managed by the Forestry Commission for conservation, recreation and timber production. The forest is an ancient woodland site and is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna but it was the bluebells that we wanted to see.

Bluebells - Kings Wood

Bluebells in Kings Wood 2 - Kent

We spent nearly two hours on a beautiful walk through the forest.  Apparently it is a very English thing to do, go and walk amongst the bluebells.  It was such a pleasant day out and one I know I would not have had unless I knew D and his family.  You will need a car to easily reach these destinations but if you have it they are definitely worth your time.


7 thoughts on “Exploring Kent: Chilham & Kings Wood

  1. Beautiful! I love that picket fence with the church in the background, and the bluebells are so relaxing. We have them all over the place here and it’s really nice to go for a stroll (or run) through them. They don’t have much of a smell though.

    • That was definitely how it felt, storybook perfection. I actually kinda like the juxtaposition of the modern cars against the buildings. Especially the red popping out against the black and white.

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