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The Magnetic Pull of Guernsey

I now know why after visiting Guernsey Jen was drawn to live there, why anyone would be.  When you compare most aspects of life in London there is just no contest.

St Martin - Guernsey

The stunning coast lines, abundance of flowers, cute cottage houses and enough quiet to hear your own thoughts are just where Guernsey starts to pull you in. D and I have just come back from 8 days in Guernsey where we stayed with Jen who has been living on this small island since March.

Where exactly is Guernsey?  Officially named the Bailiwick of Guernsey it is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.  Together with Jersey and the surrounding smaller islands they comprise the Channel Islands.  Its French roots are easily seen with French street names and many house names in French.

Post Box - Guernsey

This was one of my few holidays where I didn’t really do too much reading up on what we might see or do.  We rocked up to Jen’s, spied her amazing view and knew that no matter what we got up to that week it would come with stunning scenery.  Being close to the south of the island we quickly decided to get out to the coast and I was almost rendered speechless by the sight, height, and closeness to the cliffs.

South Coast 2 - Guernsey

Our leisurely meander turned into a proper cliff walk when an unexpected event happened (D not listening to my directions with the map).  However it meant we ventured far enough for me to see this and capture the photo above.  There are many highlights from our trip which I will share in subsequent posts.  But I now leave you with a picture of foxgloves which were found everywhere and which I name the unofficial flower of the island.

Foxgloves - Guernsey


22 thoughts on “The Magnetic Pull of Guernsey

    • Thanks. So cool that you lived in Jersey, how did you end up there? I think next visit we’ll also check out Jersey which I hear is supposed to be quite different to Guernsey. More modern apparently, so it would be interesting to compare.

  1. Yes! Convert. As Previously mentioned, you are always welcome to come visit!

    Alas you missed the glorious sunshine this week!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I’ve wanted to visit Guernsey ever since reading “The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society.”

    One of my sister’s best friends is living on Jersey – she seems to love island life 🙂

  3. Amazing views. But, I can’t just imagine living there after living in a big city, with so many things to do! Curious about these islands, though. All I tend to hear about them is in relation to milk.

    • Ha! Did you hear about our milk crisis, then? A part broke at the dairy and we had a… MILK SHORTAGE! We had to get special permission to bring in milk from the OUTSIDE for a few days. Then there was a big controversy when people realised how much more Guernsey milk costs than other milks. #milkgate

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