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Photo Essay: A Stroll in Camden’s Markets

When I lived north of the river I found myself going to Camden again and again.  Never growing tired of exploring and finding new bits that I hadn’t seen the time before.  I think I liked going here because I didn’t quite fit in yet.

This was long before understanding the north south divide and discovering hipster east or posh west London.  I found that this was where I felt most comfortable, among the alternative crowd.  I was in Camden last week to see an exhibit at the Jewish Museum, which I will post about later but as I had made the journey up I decided to meander around the markets.

Camden High Street - Camden Town

Camden Lock - Camden

Your eyes can’t help but be drawn upwards when walking along the high street

In the stables - Camden

The Stables - Camden

M&M Leather - Camden Stables

The Stables Since 1854 - Camden Stables

Walking through the stables I saw so many more things I missed before.

Funky Town - Camden Market

Fashion Row - Camden Market

Camden Market

Still my favorite London market.


8 thoughts on “Photo Essay: A Stroll in Camden’s Markets

  1. Great photos! I LOVE Camden market! When I was between the ages of 14-17 I spent almost every weekend up there (however, I was considerably “grungier” back then!) Great atmosphere and they do the best sweet and sour chicken ha ha.

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