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On the Road Again & More London Street Art

The day has finally come and I am heading abroad for the first time since August 2012.  D and I are going to Barcelona for a week to celebrate his birthday.  The following week we will be hosting my friend Erin and she and I and a friend of hers will venture to Berlin for four days.  As you might know Berlin holds the top spot of my favorite European cities and I can’t wait to return.

This will be our first time to visit Barcelona and Spain in general so any recommendations are very welcome!  I have a good idea of what I’d like to see including finding some street art gems.  The diversity of London street art is hard to beat though so I thought I’d share some pieces found over the year while wandering in the east end.  I have high expectations.

Artist - Irony - Eating Ice Cream

Stik - Burka

Stik’s pieces will always be a stand out for me because of his personal story and the simplicity of his work.  He is able to convey so much with so little.

Pinkies Up - Spot of Tea

Alexis Diaz - Elephant Octopus

I’m always intrigued as to what I will find on this wall located on Hanbury Street.  Roa’s giant crane is ever imposing on a building close by which I feel means that artists must step up their game when creating something here.  I’ve never been disappointed yet.


10 thoughts on “On the Road Again & More London Street Art

  1. Have a wonderful time in Barcelona – we spent a few days there in Spring 2012 and quite enjoyed it.

    Loving how you share the street art you find with us and hoping to see what you come across in your travels!

  2. I was sure I’d commented on this post before but apparently not!! Please excuse my scatty brain.

    What a great set of street art photos! We are spoiled with London’s East End, that is for sure.

    I guess you’re in Berlin right now. I hope you’re having a super time!

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