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Suited and Booted: London during Christmas

I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping and now that I am ready to enjoy the season I don’t have that much time.  All Autumn I’ve been traveling and exploring London.  Now Christmas is almost here and I’ve not skated or had mulled wine, or gone to Winter Wonderland.  Although I haven’t done those wintry/Christmas things I have still seen the city at its best.  The lights all around make London a very cozy place to be.

I broke down what makes A Very British Christmas last year so jump over there to get the run down.  This year what I will leave you with is a photo essay showing images of the city looking shiny and bright.  Besides summer, Christmas is the best time to be in the city.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Regent Street Decorations

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

Covent Garden Shiny BaublesThe Nutcracker German Christmas Market South bank

London (Eye) on Ice

Frostival South bank

Greenwich Market Christmas Lights

Seven Dials Christmas Lights

Sunset in SW17 London

I added a very pretty sunset seen in my area this past Sunday.  We’ve been having gorgeous sunrises and sunsets lately.

What is happening where you live for Christmas?


9 thoughts on “Suited and Booted: London during Christmas

  1. This is a lovely collection of photos an I love the inclusion of the sunset. The sky is gorgeous tv this time of year. I’m like you – I have very little time at the moment to enjoy what London has to offer. Part of that is that I’m just enjoying seeing Ste after finishing my exams!!

    • Thanks Mandy. It is well deserved relaxation and quality time after hours of study and I think I’d take that over trekking all over London. Plenty of time to do that in the new year.

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