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Catch FIFA World Cup 2014 Fever Anywhere

For the past few weeks I’ve been catching up with family and friends in Canada so it has been pretty quiet on the blog.  The World Cup kicked off last Thursday and I seem to have forgotten that Canada, well Toronto specifically goes crazy for the event.

It is a great time to be in the city to see just how multicultural it is with people displaying flags on their cars in support for their birth or parent’s home nation.  Sadly Canada is not in the cup, we love the game but are resigned to the fact that hockey is our sport.  While I’m not a huge fan (I’m more looking forward to Wimbledon) D is and he’s been loving it, less so England’s performance so far however.


Way back when I was contacted by a Canadian company Unotelly who provided me with a subscription of their streaming service for the purposes of review.  I recommended it then and after using their service now for two years I stick by that.  They recently made contact to let me know that they are offering a free trial streaming of the World Cup.

I thought I’d pass along the information to those who may be struggling to get a reliable online source to stream the games.  The duration of the FIFA WC games will be from 13 June until 12 July 2014. During those dates, UnoTelly will support several online streaming stations which will broadcast the WC games live.

Supported streaming stations by UnoTelly which will broadcast the games live:

What users should do to watch the WC games live:

1) Visit the landing page specially designed for FIFA WC.  On this page, users will be able to see which game is on which channel and also the schedule of all games

2) Create a free UnoTelly account. Registration is not mandatory but it will be asked on the landing page

3) Setup their device in one of UnoTelly’s servers:

4) Done. Users will be able to watch the games live via the channels mentioned above for absolutely free.

I will be back in the UK soon where world cup fever will no doubt be in full swing.  Enjoy and even if you don’t need to use the service pass the word along to a friend who might… and come on England!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.  Unotelly asked if I was willing to share the information and I was happy to help them out.


5 thoughts on “Catch FIFA World Cup 2014 Fever Anywhere

    • Oh no, well tons of quality time for you and BLC I guess! It is nice as even though I don’t care about football, there is a fun energy in the city at the moment.

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