Here There Everywhere and A Giveway

As you will have noticed there are a few changes around here as of late.  The most important one is the name Wanderlust is no more and I have renamed my blog to Here There Everywhere.  It has been some time now that I’ve grown tired of Wanderlust and as one of my favorite travel magazines has the same name I’ve been meaning to make a change.

There is also the custom header and if you look closer the first part of the silhouette is London (here), the next is Toronto (there) and the rest is a collection from around the world (everywhere).  The name is still intrinsically about movement, whether that is for travel or to make a new life abroad isn’t as clear because I talk about all those things on here.  The focus won’t change but I feel with a broader name I can give myself the space to discuss other topics more easily.

Castle Cornet - Guernsey

As a blogger I read tons of blogs and often comes across features that put me off as well as draw me in design and style wise.  So with that in mind more changes are likely on the way and while I did not personally make the changes on here (thanks Paul!) I will be learning more about coding and blog design so I can modify along the way.

Finally let’s get to the giveaway.  I’ve been thinking of doing this before and I figure now with a new name it might be a good time to promote it with a gift for one reader.  Some readers might remember that last year in June D and I went to Guernsey to visit Jen.  As a thank you gift I actually purchased a copy of The Guernsey and Literary Potato Peel Society to give to her but unfortunately she already had a copy that I failed to see on her bookshelf.

As I have my own copy and now another brand new copy on my book shelf looking for a new owner it only seems right to share the wealth.  I will run the giveaway for a month ending on 31st July.  I am willing to send the copy anywhere in the world so please feel free to participate no matter where you are…I may regret this later.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* WordPress won’t let me imbed the link directly in the post but you should be able to click through and still access the giveaway.



23 thoughts on “Here There Everywhere and A Giveway

  1. Loving the change! And that header is very well done! I’ve been thinking of making some changes to my blog too, but I just don’t know where to even start. Any tips/suggestion/advice?

    • Hi Pauline, thanks! I can take no credit, I was able to get a friend who knows how to do this stuff make the changes for me. However he did direct me to this page: which of course won’t be relevant unless you are on wordpress but this is apparently a good starting point to have a look at making design changes.

  2. Love the design and the new name! Looks absolutely brilliant. Well done m’ lady. Fantastic book too – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve insisted other people read it then had them come back raving about it.

    • Oh, and I read all of Milan Kundera’s books when I was in my 20s. They always made me want to travel to Prague and can you believe it, I have never been!

    • Thanks! It is always an ongoing thing anyways, hopefully you get some time to get to yours. On another note we should get together soon, its been a while.

  3. I love the Toronto/London skyline! And a great new name for your blog – I thought something was looking a bit different!! 😀

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