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The Best of British: Holidaying in the UK

As July begins it is hard to believe that we are half way through the year and that I have already been and returned from Canada.  I’ve come back with renewed resolve to finally make some choices on other areas of my life and shift my focus away from constantly thinking about where I will eventually settle.

The first half of the year has been good when it comes to travel.  I have been to Morocco and France and while France was not a new destination I did explore a completely new area.  D and I also had a short weekend away to a new place by the sea in the UK.  Earlier in the year I laid out my travel plans and so far I’m not doing too bad in keeping up with them.

Somewhere by the SeaCan you guess this destination?  If you are one of the few I told where I went then don’t give it away!

The next six months are decidedly less planned but there are three destinations closer to home on the horizon.  I will be heading to the Cotswolds for a short weekend in July when my friend Seij comes to visit.  After that I will be going to Ireland, the republic not Northern, for the first time in August for a wedding and then to Devon in September for another wedding.  With two of my upcoming destinations in the UK it seemed a great time to revisit the quiz that I ran on the blog in May and provide answers as it was a difficult one.

As the top holiday park operator in the UK Parkdean are naturally proud of the diverse landscapes and remarkably pretty destinations to be found so close to home.  To promote holidaying in the UK they put together that a quiz that I asked you to partake in previously.  Even after living here for nearly six years I found it a challenge and guessed roughly only half of the destinations correctly.  If the results of their quiz are anything to go by many are not as aware of what is on offer in the United Kingdom.

According to the results 3 in 5 people guessed Dorset incorrectly and 4 in 5 guessed Scotland incorrectly making them some of the least recognizable destinations on the quiz.  Cornwall however was a bit more familiar.  Not surprising to me as I had easily guessed the Cornish destinations.



Cornwall and Devon are also fairly classic holiday destinations so I think many Brits do have it on their radar.   Although Scotland is at the top of my visit list it seems as though I won’t make it there this year and if so then I will attempt in 2015.


I’ve posted previously about going to Cornwall here, here and here and I cannot recommend it enough.  In fact I’ve been to the destination in this picture above during that trip.  Parts of the West Country are almost magical and I’m sure those who have had the chance to visit will agree that they must be experienced.

As the next half of the year begins I am really looking forward to taking time to explore more of the UK.  While nothing can beat the excitement of discovering a new country sometimes discovering gems closer to home is just as fulfilling.


4 thoughts on “The Best of British: Holidaying in the UK

  1. That very last sentence definitely drives the point home and I wholeheartedly agree with you! I’m also on a quest to discover more of Ontario rather than always going out of the province for a trip. I live in Toronto, so there are so many undiscovered green spaces and hiking trails just a short drive away 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, Melissa!

    • That sounds great Pauline! I wanted to check out Scarborough Bluffs but ran out of time when I was home last month. When I move back I know that I will be much better with discovering lesser known places and spaces. Thanks and same to you, I heard it will be hotter than seasonal for summer in Toronto.

    • Thank you. I feel like summer is running away from me quickly, I have something booked every weekend til the end now so more adventures to blog about soon!

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