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On Christmas Time and a nice Bougrier Wine

I can’t believe how quickly the last half of 2014 passed.  The Christmas season crept up quickly mostly I think because the weather in November was fairly mild.  I didn’t truly feel festive until Christmas was right around the corner.  That being said I did enjoy the holiday.

Covent Garden Christmas

When I stay in the UK for Christmas D and I always head to his parent’s and this was the plan for this holiday.  His mum cooks and we have a traditional Christmas.   This year I was asked to participate in a Christmas wine challenge.  The mission was to pair a wine usually consumed in summer with a favourite Christmas dish.



For the meal I brought with me a bottle of white – Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2013, la Famille Bougrier to try pairing rather than our usual red.  The wine is from a family run wine producer in the Loire Valley in France.  Typically this would be paired with seafood but on our menu was turkey, ham and all the trimmings.

I know I was supposed to narrow it down to one dish but it was Christmas, the time to eat all the food!  The Muscadet was a great wine for the entire meal.  It had ripe fruit aromas, a pleasant richness and had a clean, crisp finish.  It was actually a refreshing balance to have a less full bodied wine with our rich Christmas food.


9 thoughts on “On Christmas Time and a nice Bougrier Wine

  1. Absolutely love your photo of Covent Garden Market – I’ve been going all these years at Christmas time and until the Christmas just gone, I’m not sure I’d ever paused long enough to notice the lovely baubles and to look up to admire the ceiling inside the market area. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, the photo is actually from 2013 but I did make it there again this past Christmas and it was nice to see the decorations again, its creates such a gorgeous atmosphere. Happy New Year!

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